Peacemaking Tips from the Oldest Woman in the Bible

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This week’s vid featured an open letter to the President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, with gratitude for his immense efforts to handle the growing crisis in Israel and for trying to bring people together across difficult divides. We don’t know each other but our fathers were friends and colleagues, both working for the welfare of Israel and the Jewish people. We also share love for the Bible and commitment to the 929 Project - reading a chapter a day. So this week, with the growing tensions in Israel - here’s a tip from the chapters we read this past week in the Second Book of Samuel - a peacemaking tip from the oldest woman living in the Bible. She may still be alive, who knows.

When it comes to diplomacy and negotiations prices may be high. When her city is surrounded by King David’s soldiers as they search for the rebel who challenges the king, she steps in and calls the general from the walls of the city.

“I am representing the peace and the faith of Israel” she says and convinces him to spare the city - for the price of the single rebel’s head.

What must we do to prevent rupture and defend democracy and peace?

Mr. President - whatever you can. We trust your wisdom and the pages of the old book to give you and all in power the direction needs to lead us the right way out of this crisis and into better days.

Below the Bible Belt concludes the Books of Samuel this coming Monday and we’ll begin the Books of Kings! A great chance to hop on this journey, a chapter a day, and see how the ancient history feeds today’s front page news, what we can learn from our past to pave the way for better futures.

Here’s hoping. Shabbat Shalom.

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Shabbat Shalom.

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