Weekly Overview of Below the Bible Belt

Last 2 Chapters of Va'Yikra and First 3 of Ba'midbar


Weekly Overview of Below the Bible Belt - last 2 chapters of Va’Yikra, and the first 3 of Ba’midbar - the Book of Wilderness.

It’s wild out there - the weather hot, the planet hotter, plagues, wars, worry. Imagine stepping into the wild desert on your way to the homeland of safety for what will become the rest of your life.

What do you pack, who do you count on? What’s in the center of priority so that everybody survives - and thrives?

The shift between these two books is also inviting us to focus and figure our or reconfigure what’s at the core of life’s enterprise- what, how, who is center stage in our values and priorities- how do we define what’s sacred? Especially when it’s not easy - hot, messy, complicated.

Welcome to the wilderness.

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Shabbat Shalom.

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