Weekly Overview of Below the Bible Belt

Ba'midbar Chapters 4-8


How do we choose just one seashell when there are so many on the shore? When do we feel like we matter, like we count? How do we make sure more or our daily moments matter when so much around us, so many moments feel unaccounted for? How do we make sure everybody feels like they matter, like we all count?

These are some of the questions that occupy us this week as we lean into the Weekly Overview of Below the Bible Belt - inside the book of Numbers - Ba’midbar - the Book of Wilderness.

This week we explored chapters 4-8, from the way mystery is built into the cult, how doubt is the domestic fuel of anguish and of longing, the power of priestly gestures to embody the divine, what it feels like to hear the voice of mystery inside your inner wildness - and to ponder who and how do you get lifted up as you take on your sacred daily duties?

This book invites bewilderment. How can I make my life matter and count, more? How can even one small seashell help me remember how I fit in the bigger picture of life?

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Shabbat Shalom and blessed new moon of Av.

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