What's the Meaning of Sacrifice?

Weekly Overview of Below the Bible Belt with a short vid - from Paris!


Va’Yikra/Leviticus chapters 6-10 follow in the footsteps of the priests - Aaron and sons, a dynasty of the Cohen Clan, chosen to officiate the sacred, whether they like it not. Their tasks include daily sacrificial gifts, each details a symbol for life and death, food and mystery, intimacy in varied forms. Fire is the key ingredient in this cult of mystery, and in the last two chapters fire consumes animals and humans, a super power that leaves us speechless and grieving, scared in the presence of the sacred: perhaps that is part of the intention of this story and saga - to render the religious reality with more fear than with love? Join me, along with Mary Douglas to wrap up this week and prepare for the next section. Thank you for joining the journey!

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Shabbat Shalom.

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