This Week's Overview: Protest too Much?

Ba’midbar Ch. 10-14


It’s all about protest. When and how is our protest of injustice legitimate? when is it helpful? what happens when outrage inflict more harm?

We can read these painful chapters as a list of popular protests against various laws and reality - harshly dealt with by God and Moses. We can also read these chapters as a list of litanies against human greed and need, fear of the future and failure of faith.

Either way it makes us think about the righteous role of protest and where we get to be suspicious of authorities to demand dignity change and a better life.

Welcome to the wilderness. It is about to get even Wilder when we continue with chapter 15 on Sunday. I hope this sabbath brings vision, rest and renewal. For those of you fasting on Sunday may it be gentle and meaningful—

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Shabbat Shalom.

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